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One small step for man, one giant leap for whisky drinkers worldwide

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One small step for man, one giant leap for whisky drinkers worldwide
Photo Courtesy of Ballantine

If you find yourself in the lounge of an outer galaxy bar anytime soon you'll be wanting one of these. A purpose designed space whisky glass, perfect for a civilised wee dram after a hard day’s space seeing.

"Space tourism is not too far away; people are going to be travelling to space as general tourists and like anyone will want to have that relaxing moment," Josh McCarthy, a senior brand manager for Ballantine's, told CNBC. "They need glasses fit for purpose," he added.

In response to this ‘gap in the market’ the alcohol brand Ballantine’s have designed a prototype “space glass”, in collaboration with James Parr, founder of the Open Space Agency a collective of tech connoisseurs, designers and outer space enthusiasts.

Check out the testing of the prototypes in a zero gravity tall drop tower in Bremen, Germany. Whisky is poured into the space glass and then dropped 480ft inside the tower, to text book results:

A screen shot shows not a drop of whisky out of place:

A closer look at the glass reveals it's complex structure. Made out of 3D printed plastic and rose gold no expense is spared on the material, which is claimed not to taint the whisky flavour as well as giving the sense of a cold drink when drunk.

The weighty curved plastic glass is designed to sit in the palm of the hand, when taking a sip, the whisky is pushed down to the bottom of the glass by a convex base, which then spirals its way up the glass through a small glass tube around the edge, before reaching the rose gold mouthpiece. No embarassing spillage guaranteed.

Who says astronauts and alcohol don't mix, a glimpse into the future looks like a glamarous zero gravity whisky bar in this promotional video:

Whilst there is no sign of the space glasses developing beyond a prototype anytime soon, whisky is already rocketing ahead. Recent tests conducted on a bottle of Ardbeg Whisky after an intergallatical stint have revealed a significant difference its aroma and taste to it's earthling counterparts. Ballantine intend to continue developing their own unique whisky to accompany their glass in the future.

Watch this space! (no pun intended!)

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