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Space Food Through The Ages (Pics)

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Space Food Through The Ages (Pics)
Photo The Fox Is Black

Even before the first man step foot on the moon someone at NASA's Space Food Systems Laboratory had to decide what astronauts would eat.

It's not an easy feat at all, considering taste and smell change when one floats around in zero gravity. That's why we got a kick from looking at these retro pictures of space food from the 1960s and 1970s. We especially liked the Skylab food tray pictured above, which dates back to 1973.

The meals may not compare to the vegan options in the works for the 2030 Mars Mission or the delectable food in this 3D space animation but it was the most high-tech food at the time.

Ready for an out of this world experience? Check out the images below.

Via The Fox Is Black

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