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Soy Sauce Makes His Squid Dance in the Bowl

By FDL on

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Soy Sauce Makes His Squid Dance in the Bowl

A video that dates back to 2010 seems to be getting attention once again online and it's certainly caught our eye this time round.

It shows a squid in a dish of noodles apparently coming back to life and dancing in the bowl as Soy sauce is poured on top of it.

The immediate response is that the animal must still be alive in the bowl, not so surpassing for Asia dishes, but we can assure you the creature is dead.

The dancing you’re seeing in the video is actually the squid reaction to the sodium, salt, in the soy sauce. The best thing is, this reaction only works on animals that recently died, making it a true sign of freshness alongside freakiness - don’t believe us? Just take a look at the video.

It’s reported by CBS that the original dancing squid dish was created at the Ikkatei Tabiji restaurant in Japan.

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