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Skateboarding Veggies In Fun Scenarios

By FDL on

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Skateboarding Veggies In Fun Scenarios

Welcome to a fantastical world of skateboarding veggies having wicked fun in the kitchen. There's potatoes flying in the air, eggs perilously balancing on the side of a pot, peppers cruising on an oven ledge and a tomato that didn't fair too well in its attempt to be airborne.

This fun world of skateboarding veggies is the brainchild of Benoit Jammes, an artist based in Paris.  His series is called Skitchen - a playful twist on the words 'skate' and 'kitchen' - and whisks you away into the secret lives of veggies reimagined as professional skaters. 

Check out some of Jammes' whimsical scenarios below. To see more of his amazing work swing by his website and Flickr feed.

Via Design Boom

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