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Not Sure What To Buy? Put A Rainbow In Your Shopping Cart

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Not Sure What To Buy? Put A Rainbow In Your Shopping Cart

Rarely does anyone give a second thought to shopping carts. Their mere functionality makes them an indispensable item we take for granted. However, a trip to the supermarket would not be the same without them. But, what else are the metal carts good for?

Australian artist Matt McVeigh set out to prove just how remarkable they can be. Swirling shopping carts and rainbows were the inspiration behind his new series of installations called The New Covenant and The Covenant Question?  

The groovy installations were crafted as a criticism of overconsumption in today's society and were showcased at the 8th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibit in Cottesloe, Australia.

McVeigh's miniature piece titled Trolling#1 symbolizes the never-ending capitalistic cycle of greedily wanting more. The sculptor's series of works that utilize these caged carts revolve around the observation of the world's reliance on material goods.

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