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Amazing Architectural Symmetry Out of Gum Sticks

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Amazing Architectural Symmetry Out of Gum Sticks
Photo Photo: Sam Kaplan

New York photographer, Sam Kaplan, the same artist that brought us the amazing stacked candy and sweets of 'pits and pyramids' is back with a new project entitled 'unwrapped'.

The candy theme continues amidst stacks of lurid coloured chewing gum that have been meticulously stacked in striking geometric shapes towing a strong architectural line.

Atmospheric lighting, shadows and coloured gum set on a dark background perfect the dramatic scenes captured on camera, making it hard to believe they all simply made from standard sticks of candy.

Chewing gum is on the foods that are banned list in Singapore, but luckily its reputation doesn't stick in the States meaning it's available for these stunning works.

For more of Kaplan's original work don't miss a chance to drop by his website.


via Designboom

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