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Salt Made From Human Tears

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Salt Made From Human Tears

Rock salt, sea salt, pink salt, black salt - once a commodity worth thousands dollars, salt is is everywhere. It's on most tables across the land, it's part of hundreds of different cultural rituals and there's rarely a dish or recipe that doesn't call for at least a pinch of the stuff. And now there's salt made from tears, human tears captured, processed and bottles in a variety on emotions.

For all the salt varieties already on offer businesses still seem to find ways to reinvent our most trusted condiment. It's repackaged, redesigned, even rediscovered with long lost salts constantly appearing on supermarket shelves. Nevertheless, while all this heavy mineral marketing occurs, it's very rare to come across a salt that seems truly original, something unique in conception and well, different in the taste it offers.

Human emotion salt is the exception to the rule. It comes in a range of emotions; tears of sorrow salt, tear of joy salt, tears of anger. Tears of laughter are apparently sweeter, where as those looking for a bit of a kick to their salt should sway towards the companies range of tears collected from people chopping onions.

The condiments are the idea Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, a company who pride themselves on being the only shop stocked with monsters in mind. There strap-line "Whether you’re a Vampire, Werewolf, Sasquatch or some Thing else entirely, we have everything you need."

We can't verify how real the tears are - or find anyone who admits to harvesting their own tears to sell for salt production -  but it's a fun product and it's nice to know that whatever your next dish requires - a chicken curry that needs more anger, a  cheese soufflé that might rise a better with a sprinkle of joyous salt - these minerals have all the emotions covered.


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