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A Real Recipe for Romance

By FDL on

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A Real Recipe for Romance

Cooking and romance have always gone hand in hand, there really is no better way to express your love for a person than by cooking them a meal with love. There are thousands of romantic recipes on the web and many people around the world will tonight express their love through food, but we think this recipe for kisses by Ben Philips is one that everyone should try....

Take one piece of dark verandah and add a little moonlight - take for granted two people.

Press in two strong ones a small, soft hand.. Sift lightly two ounces of attraction, one of
romance and add a large measure of folly, stir in a floating ruffle and one or two whispers.

Dissolve half a dozen glances in a well of silence, dust in a small quantity of hesitation, one ounce of resistance, two of yielding and place the kisses on a flushed cheek or two lips.

Flavor with a slight scream and set aside to cool. This will succeed in any climate if directions are carefully followed.


Happy Valentine's Day and let us know how you get on with the recipe.

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