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We Swear, This Isn't Actual Candy

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We Swear, This Isn't Actual Candy

Italian artist Roberto Bernardi has gifted the world hyper realistic candy paintings that look good enough to eat.

Bernardi began painting at an early age and his work has been exhibited around the world. While the artist typically sticks to still life, his latest series offers a feast for the eyes in the shape of popular sweets - everything from candy canes and lollipops to gum drops and jellies.

His hyper realistic candy paintings are colorful, shiny and fun. One look at them and it's pretty hard to believe that you aren't looking at actual candy. So don't be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to satiate your sweet tooth when you check out his paintings below.

 After getting your fill of candy here, swing by his website to discover more of his amazing art.

Via Fubiz

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