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10 Times Fake-Reviewers Got Caught

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10 Times Fake-Reviewers Got Caught
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As if running a restaurant, putting your heart and soul into every single detail to ensure the levels of food and service are as high as can possibly be wasn’t hard enough, restaurateurs now have to content with keyboard warriors intent on dragging an establishment’s hard-won reputation through the mud.

Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are used more and more and negative reviews can leave cause lasting damage to a restaurant struggling to make it in a challenging industry. Everyone has the right to complain, but equally, everyone has the right to defend themselves when they think they’re being slighted in the wrong.

Far from just taking it lying down though, there are plenty of restaurant owners, chefs, managers and waiters who are quick to defend their positions and call out a so-called reviewer on the facts. The industry is plagued with a scourge of fake reviews, but that’s a post for another day. Online reviewing is a fact of life for any restaurant owner these days, keeping tabs on them is just part of the job. We found some choice examples of restaurant owners and staff with eagle-eyed responses to scathing reviews online. Enjoy!

1 This one-liner puts the reviewer back in their box.

2 A blow by blow account of what actually happened.

3 “Let’s describe what actually took place…”

4 CCTV to the rescue

5 Reviewing the reviewer

6 Well, that’ll learn ‘em

7 Alternative facts

8 “Too loaded to realize…”

9 Like lamb to the slaughter

10 That really gets my goat…

All reviews and responses are taken from Reddit.

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