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Here's A Blog With Restaurant Reviews By 4-Year Olds

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Here's A Blog With Restaurant Reviews By 4-Year Olds
Photo Isla Bell Murray/The Bold Italic

Children and fine dining have been a touchy subject in the gastrosphere lately (especially given the whole Alinea baby incident). So it’s pretty fascinating to come across a blog featuring restaurant reviews by 4-year old diners.

The reviews are posted on The Bold Italic, an online magazine headquartered in San Francisco, where kiddie restaurant critics are brutally honest with their feelings towards the food - some make faces of disgust and even cry. The latest review comes from Elai Rubinsky, an adorable four-year old girl with expressive brown eyes, whose favorite food is “orange.”

Rubinsky reviewed dishes from Plum Restaurant in Oakland. The amuse buche didn’t impress her much, she thought the mocktail was too cold and by the time the chicken course came around she had burst into tears. Here’s a fun excerpt from the blog post written by Jessica Saia (it references a beet salad):

"Instant points for another edible pink thing, but upon closer inspection, Elai grew concerned.“Oh no, that’s paint! I can’t eat paint.” Bravo to her parents for instilling such a deep reluctance to ingest anything even remotely paint-like, but it did take some work convincing her that this gorgeous dish was not an elaborate attempt to poison her. "

Do swing by The Bold Italic to read Rubinsky’s full review complete with hilarious pictures of her epicurean experience. 

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