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Amazing Food Collage of Rene Redzepi

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Amazing Food Collage of Rene Redzepi
Photo Golpe Avisa

As the world's best chef, Rene Redzepi is no stranger to magazine covers. He has graced the cover of Time magazine and been featured in countless other publications. Now, a Mexican magazine is featuring the chef in a different light by crafting his face from food.

Using food from Noma's menu, the creative team at Golpe Avisa created a food collage of Rene Redzepi's face for Clase Premier, the inflight magazine for Aeromexico. Clase Premier usually features digital drawings on its cover but Golpe Avisa wanted to push the envelop for this assignment by creating an all-food portrait of Rene. You can watch the entire creative process in the video below.

So what did Rene think of  this amazing portrait? He acknowledged the food collage with this playful tweet: ''Waiter, I've got a shrimp in my eye...''


Via Golpe Avisa

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