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Artist Ren Ri Creates Buzz With Beeswax Sculptures

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Artist Ren Ri Creates Buzz With Beeswax Sculptures
Photo Ren Ri

Last year, Beijing-based artist and Ren Ri captured the world's attention with his stunning beehive sculptures. This time around he's back with 40 captivating beeswax sculptures currently being exhibited in Hong Kong.

Ri, who is also a beekeeper, chooses to work with beeswax as a medium to create his unique sculptures. In order to obtain different shapes he builds a framework of wooden dowels and places the queen at its center. The rest of the hive is slowly introduced and the bees work together to build a hive around the queen. Every seven days he rotates the beehive and, incredibly, the bees adapt to the new shape and continue building their honeycomb.

In explaining his work, Ri says, "The duality of interactions between the human body and the bees is not simply in the physical sense; more importantly it hints at an interrelated force and its counterforce." 

The three-dimensional beeswax sculptures you'll see below are from Ri's Yuansu I: The Origin of Geometry and Yuansu II series, which will be exhibited at the Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong until April 12th.

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