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Crazy Barman and His Fruit Chopping Will Scare You

By FDL on

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Crazy Barman and His Fruit Chopping Will Scare You

In a move that must break every single knife cutting technique and health and safety guideline in the book, a bar man with a machete sets about preparing fruit for juicing in a rather interesting, scary and stupidly dangerous way.

Starting with a pile of lemons he takes on a real life fruit ninja role, tossing each piece of fruit in the air before using a huge knife to slice them in half.

It’s done with the ease and accuracy that only comes from years of practice and, even though you know he won’t, you can’t help feeling a little nervous that he’s about to cut his hand off.

We thought we’d found the most adrenaline packed knife skills with the Indian street food vendor chopping onion at cartoon style speed, however, the video below renders his ability to that of a child.

Take a look.

Real Ninja Fruit e PS4 di sterblitch

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