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PSY Wants You To Buy A Kimchi Fridge

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PSY Wants You To Buy A Kimchi Fridge
Photo Screenshot via Youtube

Do you love Korean food? Are in mad for kimchi? Well, it's about time you got your very own kimchi fridge. Skeptical? Perhaps a little Gangnam-style motivation from Psy will help convince you otherwise.

Kimchi is a beloved fermented vegetable side dish that is present at every Korean meal. The best kimchi is spicy and perfectly crisp but sometimes refrigeration can alter its texture. That's why many Koreans have opted for investing a kimchi fridge.

These appliances have been popular since the 1990s and feature technology that ensures kimchi stays fresh year round. The fridges feature several components where you can store kimchi depending on its current level of fermentation.

Samsung Electronics recruited Korean singers Psy and Lee Seung-gi to help them sell their Zipel Asak M9000. Check out their promotional video below - please note it's in Korean but you'll get the gist.

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