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PHOTOS: Pizza In Unexpected Places

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PHOTOS: Pizza In Unexpected Places
Photo JonPaul Douglass

Is there ever a bad time to enjoy a pizza? Photographer Jonpaul Douglass seems to think not. Using only his iPhone 4S he went into the wild and captured pepperoni pizzas in unexpected places.

There's the pizza on a Christmas tree, the pizza on a pony, and even one on a military tank. Heck, it seems Douglass' pizzas have seen more daylight than the people who make them. It's quite an amazing feat that took about 20 pizzas to shoot.

Douglass told Global Yodel he found inspiration for this series called Pizza in the Wild right in his neighborhood:

"One day I was walking in my neighborhood in LA and I passed by a wall that was always covered in new graffiti. This particular time the wall had a simple monotone pattern and someone had tagged a pepperoni pizza right in the center of it. I thought it was very humorous and I did snap a photo of it. You can see this photo a ways back in my Instagram feed. I was so tickled by that image I thought it would be even more humorous to put real Pizzas on things through out the city and photograph them."

Below you'll find some of this fascinating work but for more awesome pizza in unexpected places hit up Douglass on Instagram.

Via Global Yodel

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