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Keeping it Real With More Edible Looking Art

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Keeping it Real With More Edible Looking Art

Thanks to one of our readers we are on the trail of another great artist with an eye for edible still lives.

Following on from Emanuele Dascanio’s good enough to eat hyperrealist art we take a peek at some works of contemporary realism by David Paul Gleeson.

Just one look at his work tells you that the British born and educated artist has a knack for turning everyday life or objects into a world of their own in these realistic acrylic paintings. Whilst the untrained eye might miss the complexity of an everyday egg or cherry,  Gleeson’s extraordinary capacity for detail and use of colour and texture bring another dimenson. He explains, 'When painting, a moment of strange beauty appears on the surface after careful observation and meditation. A fleeting instant transformed, by colour and tone, into an intriguing image.'

There is more than meets the eye with these pictures of food, not only are they an accurate account of the object in front of Gleeson, they come with hidden depths.

‘Each of my paintings tells a story, but I prefer it to be a story that is not fully explained. I like the idea that the viewer can complete the story. As I paint I do a lot of putting in and taking out, so the narrative is constantly changing, which keeps me intrigued. I like that sense of mystery about a painting.’

Since 1984 Gleeson has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in London, the U.K., the U.S.A. and Johannesburg winning several competitions. His work has also been shown at The National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Many of Gleeson's paintings are for sale. Take a look at the images below and head over to his Facebook or website for more interesting examples of his work.

via TheSaffronWaldenGallery


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