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Don't Talk and Drive - Don't Talk and Cook

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Don't Talk and Drive - Don't Talk and Cook

Talking on the phone while driving - a silly move and one that costs lives. We are constantly being told about the dangers of talking and texting while we drive and that's because there is a very real risk when you do this.

That's why the car company VW have created this cringe worthy campaign to highlight the issues caused when using a mobile phone in the car. By using the kitchen, a surrounding we are all used to, the campaign manages to highlight the dangers of cell phone use without ever showing a car.

The video plays out in a kitchen with a chef who seems to pay little attention to his surrounding, his ingredients or even his own fingers. Why? Because he's on the phone. 

The advert won the Lionne Award at this year's Cannes festival and was created by the agency DDB from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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