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WATCH: People Eating Hamburgers For The First Time EVER

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WATCH: People Eating Hamburgers For The First Time EVER
Photo eBaum's World

Hamburgers are one of those foods that are easy to take for granted if you are an American. I mean, we practically grow up on the stuff (even if it's the veggie variety). So what would it be like for an adult to try a hamburger for the first time in their life? Watch the video below to see what happens.

The video documents an experiment by Burger King. Company representatives wanted to see if people not affected by advertising would prefer a Whopper or a McDonald's Big Mac. Film crews traveled to far-flung villages in Thailand, Romania, Greenland to capture the reactions of people who had never seen a burger in their life, much less eaten one. 

What's really interesting about the whole project are people's reactions. Many just aren't sure how to handle a meat patty between two buns. Some look at the burger with suspicion and take it apart to each component on its own. Others ask if it should be cut with a knife. One even marvels at the taste of pickles.

It's quite the social experiment and pretty amusing to watch. Here, take a look:

Via Ebaum's World & Design Taxi

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