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Want Free Coffee? Pay With A Kiss

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Want Free Coffee? Pay With A Kiss
Photo Metro St. James/Facebook

Valentine's Day is nowhere in sight but a café in Sydney has found a way to bring back romance. For the month of June only, customers at Metro St. James can get free coffee in exchange for kisses.

Metro St. James café is located in Sydney's historical Hyde Park district. The instructions are simple: couples should walk in between 9-11 a.m., order coffee, pay with a kiss. In fact, the campaign slogan is ''We're not accepting your money, just your kisses.''

So far, the Pay With A Kiss promotion seems to be working as evidenced by the numerous photos of lovers kissing on the café's Facebook page. The couple pictured below got two free cappucinos.

The café is trying to encourage customers on Facebook with messages like this one: ''We've seen some great kisses already, Sydney! Ooo la la! Get in on the fun by bringing your lover in to Metro St. James.''

What's the worse that can happen if you don't have anyone to pucker up with? Well, you better have to cash on hand.

Via The Daily Meal

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