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10 Cool Party Tricks Using Liquids

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10 Cool Party Tricks Using Liquids

There’s nothing better than a great party trick, it wows your friends and certainly gives you title of life of the party. The only problem is that good bar tricks are hard to find, unless of course you’ve seen the video below.

Published on the Brusspup You Tube channel, the video shows 10 different tricks you can easily do using liquids.

Some of them are a little tricky but there’s surely some you’ve never seen before, telling your friends you can pierce a bag full of water with a pencil without spilling a drop will surely lead to some fun games.

The last trick, reversing liquid is totally crazy as the man in the video appears to actually twist the coloured liquids and then press rewind. The speaker trick with cornstarch seems like it could be easily altered to make a crazy dancing dish that diners could actually eat.

Take a look, you might even get some inspiration for the kitchen, the least you’ll have is some cool new party tricks.

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