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Parents Tell Kids They've Eaten Their Candy

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Parents Tell Kids They've Eaten Their Candy

Halloween and you've dressed to impress. Donned your favorite costume, make up, fangs, frankenstein bolts in the neck, you're more than ready to storm the neighborhood. The sole mission? To collect as much damn candy as is humanly possible in the allocated time slot awarded by your parents.

It's the one night in the year when kids get serious. Two, three, even four hours spent relentlessly knocking on doors in search of tasty treats. If you were a tupperware sales person your bonus and commission would be through the roof, but you're not, you're a kid and you have no idea what tupperware is - you only care about candy.

You get home tired, it's tough work but your rewards are plentiful. Greens ones, yellow ones, red ones, soft, chewy, hard and all of them sweet. You're high from the sugar consumed on your travels but weary from the fact you've covered some serious distance, a trip twice around the neighborhood is akin to a 12-mile hike when you're only four.

That night you sleep well, safe in the knowledge your sugar haul is home, bits hidden round the house. You only cleaned your teeth because mum insisted and because you know those canines need to be strong enough to consume the candy battering they're going to get over the next week. A week you'll spend eating sweets for breakfast, sneaking sugary snacks and mixing up candy conjunctions you've only ever dreamed of. A good night trick or treating is like winning the lottery when you're a child, so imagine the horror, the utter despair to wake only to find your candy, your entire stash, every last chew, is gone!

Like realizing your winning lottery ticket has been eaten by the dog, only in this case, the ticket is a scrumptious bar of nougat and the dog is, well, the dog's your pesky parents. Enjoy!

Here's the video from 2012.


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