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Behold The Pangraph, a Spirograph for Pancakes

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Behold The Pangraph, a Spirograph for Pancakes
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Nathan Shields, the amazing dad who makes pancakes in all sorts of cool animal shapes, is at it again. This time around he's wowing the world with the Pangraph, an invention that's bound to make breakfast the best meal of the day.

The Pangraph was inspired by a spirograph, a childhood toy that allows users to draw groovy geometric patterns. Shields put his own spin on the contraption and came up with a tool that could fit over a pan. A handy squeeze bottle full of batter aids in the pancake-making process.

Unlike the PancakeBot, the Pangraph doesn't require much space in the kitchen and it gives you the freedom to make pancakes in all sorts of inventive spiral shapes. It sure beats plain-old flapjacks, don't you think?!

Watch the patent-pending Pangraph in action below: 

Via Saipancakes

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