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Japanese Museum Launches a Black Frog Burger

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Japanese Museum Launches a Black Frog Burger

As a way of celebrating a the launch of a new exhibition, a museum in Japan is getting ready to scare its customers with this rather odd looking frog burger. It’s being served at the Orbi Yokohama museum restaurant in Japan and includes a whole deep fried frog inside an all black bun - probably coloured with sesame seeds.

For the healthy price of $8.40 people enjoying a day at the museum’s Deadly Poison exhibition can finish with a healthy chunk of crispy frog laid on a bed of sweet chilli sauce.

And if people sit there proclaiming the burger ‘tastes exactly like chicken’, that's because it probably does. The makers finish off each of the burgers with piece of soy sauce flavored chicken, something they say they add for comparison.

Via The Wall Street Journal

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