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Watch this Sommelier Open Old Wine with Hot Tongs

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Watch this Sommelier Open Old Wine with Hot Tongs

Have you ever wondered how you open a really old bottle of wine? Often with very old bottles the cork has deteriorated and rather than try to force it out with a corkscrew their is another way.

In the video below by Business Insider, Jonathan Ross, one of the sommeliers at Eleven Madison Park in New York, shows you a very old method for opening wine.

It involves taking heating tongs and literally cutting the bottle below the cork to take off the top of the neck. The method means the entire cork is removed without the risk of lots of cork sediment hitting the wine.

The method apparently originates in Portugal where it was used to open old ports. Port is high in alcohol and sugar and this breaks down the cork much faster than with traditional wines.

Watch the video below to see exactly how Ross and his team use the technique tableside at the restaurant.

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