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The Fishmonger With a Number One Songer

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The Fishmonger With a Number One Songer

From fishmonger in London to having a hit record in the UK charts - the past few weeks for the Pakinstani fishmonger Muhammad Shahid Nazir have been quite hectic.

It all started after Nazir was filmed singing his 'One Pound Fish' video at Queen's Market in London where he sells his fish - after this was uploaded to Youtube the video went viral and a star, as they say, was born.

Nazir claims that the song, which now has over 7 million hits on YouTube, was just an attempt to attract new customers to the fish store.

The song is so catchy, fun and honest it seems to have caught the hearts of the UK and has even been covered by many people online - the BBC reports that back in Nazir's native Pakistan the song can be heard blaring from wndows in his home town.

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    £1 fish - how sustainable, how freshl, how good must it be! This is what is driving our stocks to nothing and what is aggravating food waste.

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