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Meet the OCOO Double Boiler, the new sous vide

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Meet the OCOO Double Boiler, the new sous vide

If it’s good enough for Albert Adria and Grant Achatz, then the modernised Korean double boiler has the potential to be the new ‘must have’ in any self-respecting innovative kitchen.

The OCOO Double Boiler has long been a regular inhabitant in Korean kitchens and now some of the world’s best chefs are using it to cook the weird and wonderful.

Just as the sous vide swept all before it in modern kitchens then the Korean Double Boiler may be on every chefs’ wish list this summer. The OCOO Double Boiler is essentially a pressure cooker that distributes the steam around a ceramic pot which contains the food. So the food can be cooked at very high temperatures while cooking in its own juices and kept apart from the steam.

The modern OCOO Double Boiler is a modern upgrade of the traditional Korean gamasot which is used for cooking tough root vegetables or extracting essenses for traditional medicine. Today it is used in Spain’s best kitchens - —Disfrutar, ABaC, Mugaritz, and Arzak, while Grant Achatz brought one to Chicago’s Alinea.

Food & Wine reports how Albert Adrià was in Seoul visiting Mingoo Kang, chef-owner of the two Michelin-starred modern Korean restaurant, Mingles and discovered the OCOO Double Boiler. He took one back to his test kitchen before executive chef, Oliver Peña went over to Korea to learn more.

Chefs at Enigma are fans of the OCOO but the nearby Disfrutar, according to the article by Charlie Friedman, has excelled in its use and now owns 14 of them.

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