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One Artist's Quest to Make People Hungry

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One Artist's Quest to Make People Hungry

Nour is the new "experimental" digital food art game with no goals or objectives other than to make its players hungry.

Artist creator Tj Hughes, was inspired to come up with the idea when he noticed his friends said they got hungry just from him showing a nice steamy bowl of ramen on twitter, and decided to explore the idea further.

Creating a digital game including scenes of ramen bowls to popping popcorn and ice cream scoops sat in a bathtub under a shower or sprinkles  - Players get to burn toast, spill ramen and generally make a figurative mess as they mash computer buttons and get to have fun and interact with the food in "curious and unconventional ways" that doesn't have to be cleaned up afterwards.

The project is currently in a fundraising phase on Kickstarter. There's still some time to go, but the project seems to be gaining traction.

So if you're looking to work up an appetite, skip the gym and try playing with food on screen instead.


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