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No Talking Allowed At This NYC Restaurant

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No Talking Allowed At This NYC Restaurant
Photo Daniela Vladimirova/Flickr

Whether it was a teacher at school or that cranky guy behind you at the movies, at some point in our lives we've all been told to be quiet. But no talking at a restaurant? Although it seems counterintuitive, a restaurant in New York is asking diners to do just that.

Eat, a restaurant located in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, has a ''no talking'' policy that applies to diners, servers and all restaurant staff, the Los Angeles Times reports. Absolutely no talking is allowed during the restaurant's four course 90-minute gourmet meal made from local organic produce.

But why keep quiet, especially if diners want to rave about what's on their plate?

Chef Lauren O'Connor told the Los Angeles Times it's all about enjoying the meal. "It's about not really needing anything but being there, and being in the space and realizing the uniqueness of the space and the really great elements about the space."

So far the restaurant has been a hit with diners looking to escape New York's busy lifestyle. Would you pay to keep silent at a restaurant?

Via Los Angeles Times

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