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NYC Photographer Sets Food on Fire

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NYC Photographer Sets Food on Fire
Photo Henry Hargreaves

When it comes to burning calories, most people think of hitting the gym. But not Brooklyn-based food photographer Henry Hargreaves. He took those words literally and lit fast food on fire.

Aptly titled Burning Calories, Hargreaves's new project features torched burgers and fries, donuts, hot dogs, pizza and more.  He told Design Boom the concept is a reflection on America's obesity problem.

''It is not just in the people you see or the depressing facts about the significant health impact on individuals. Caloric information, driven by the big brother mandates belief that knowledge is power, making it only inevitable to overcome temptation,'' he said.

All of the fast food treats in Burning Calories were actually made out of cake, which easily lit on fire after being doused with lighter fluid.

Hargreaves has captured a range of interesting subjects like what Beyoncè and other popstars eat backstage and modern art masterpieces recreated with rice.

Via Design Boom

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