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Neurokiff: A Neural Headset that Measures Gastronomic Pleasure

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Neurokiff: A Neural Headset that Measures Gastronomic Pleasure

Have you ever wondered if it were possible to measure gastronomic pleasure? To find out just how much you're reallly loving that foie gras or glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or more to the point, to find out if your polite dinner guests are really just being polite about your experimental cooking?

Now there's a tool that can – or at least, it's makers promise it can. Called Neurokiffand created by the University of Nantes, the neuronal helmet captures emotions aroused when tasting a dish or wine, and detects frequencies in the brain.

How Does Neurokiff Work?

Neurokiff can connect up to four people, with an elettroencelografico neuronal helmet that is capable of capturing four emotional states: excitement, meditation, boredom and frustration.

The emotions are displayed on a tablet which also emits sounds that can change in intensity and harmony depending on the emotional state of each person, with the ultimate 'harmony' resonating when all four diners are experiencing the same feeling. 

Chef Eric Guerin, who tried Neurokiff, commented: "It should be really taken as a game, as if we were sort of pioneers, or adventurers, like we're taking the first step on some sort of moon. The world of scientific research and that of the kitchen are closely related, and, in this experience, they walk the same path. "

Read more about how Neurokiff works here.

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