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Leaves meet Turntable

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Leaves meet Turntable

The idea of using living objects to make music is nothing new to us at FDL HQ - we've already covered a vegetable orchestra and brought you the video of shop in London that came to life and played music.

Now we bring you the work of the sound designer Diego Stocco who has composed a tune using leaves and a turntable. Infact, he's got some pretty sharp skills when it comes to creating compositions with all sorts of nature.

All the percussive sounds heard in the first piece were made using a range of different sized leaves that were then applied to the turntable with varying degrees of pressure.

The results are shown in the first video with some of the artist's other natural compositions, including a video of him playing a tree, shown below.  We honestly think Stocco could have a solid career whipping up cutting edge Jungle remixes for the likes of Kanye West and Madonna.



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