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Photographer Captures Rare and Beautiful Mushrooms

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Photographer Captures Rare and Beautiful Mushrooms
Photo Steve Axford

Steve Axford is a photographer passionate about capturing the magical world of mushrooms and has done a gorgeous job of photographing some of the world's rarest fungi.

Axford photographed some of the mushrooms below around his home in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia.  He also ventured as far as Victoria and Tasmania in search of unique species of mushrooms.

"My photography is an avenue into exploring this world. My interests cover everything from micro fungi to volcanoes, though more of my time now is spent with the fungi than the volcanoes," Axford explains on his website.

Take a look at his amazing photography below and swing by his Flickr stream to see more of his phenomenal work. Also, scroll down to see a stunning video of miniature mushrooms captured by Axford:

Fungi Fetish from Steve Axford on Vimeo.

All images by Steve Axford via This Is Colossal

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