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Grow and Dine Could be the Ultimate Pop Up Idea

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Grow and Dine Could be the Ultimate Pop Up Idea
Photo Brunel University

We've already covered some neat ideas harnessing the incredible potential of mushroom mycelium in sustainable design, like lamps and chairs. But this next one looks particularly cool.

We've come across a project by Brunel University student Aleksi Vesaluoma showcasing mushroom mycelium as a sustainable building material which could also double up nicely as the perfect pop up restaurant for mushroom lovers.

Working in collaboration with architecture firm Astudio and the intelligence of nature he has developed a structure that's not only made of mushrooms, but one that can also sprout mushrooms for eating.

He imagines the material being used to create pop-up restaurants serving mushroom-based meals made from the mushrooms grown and harvested from the material of the structure.

With increasing pressure on sustainable dining and building solutions it could be win win "shaping a future where architecture is grown from bottom-up rather than consuming resources and creating waste," he explains.

The structure is made from "mushroom sausages" (see below) or bricks of mushroom mycelium mixed with cardboard and set into shape using cotton bandage. The mushroom sausages are then left to grow for a month inside a green house taking the shape of the mould they are set over, growing edible oyster shaped fungi.


via Dezeen


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