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Multi-Sensory Food Art: Drinks That Move To The Sound of Music

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Multi-Sensory Food Art: Drinks That Move To The Sound of Music
Photo Bompas & Parr

Picture this: you are at a bar with nice music playing, the DJ turns up the volume, you start moving to the groove...and so does your drink. This is what London-based creative duo Bompas & Parr have designed as part of their latest adventures in multi-sensory mixology.

The dynamic duo created a new drinking vessel called The Chladni Punch Bowl, named after 18th century German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni, better known as the "Father of Acoustics." Chladni wrote the Discovery of the Theory of Pitch, which links sound, vibration and physics.

Bompas & Parr reimagined Chladni's work and applied it to the realm of multi-sensory mixology. With the help of photographer Jo Duck and art director Mariah Wright, they paired 10 popular cocktails paired with songs meant to enhance their flavor notes.

The result? The cocktails pulsate and move the rhythm of the music, each unique wave captured by Duck and featured below. "Sound is more than a simple sensorial experience, it is a pulsating and unseen multidimensional space, affecting everything from the water in our cells, to, as recent studies conclude, the sensitivity of our taste buds,‘ the duo told Design Boom.

Take a look at their exciting multi-sensory mixology:

RUM AND COKE (set to Rum and Coca Cola’ by the Andrews Sisters)

COSMO (set to '2001: a space odyssey’ 2001 soundtrack)

MINT JULEP (set to Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin) 

MARTINI  (set to Glory and Gore by Lorde)

DAIQUIRI (set to Emotions by Mariah Carey) 

EL PRESIDENTE (set to Mr. Brown by Bob Marley)

Via Design Boom

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