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Famous Movie Fridge Scenes - How Many Can You Spot?

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Famous Movie Fridge Scenes - How Many Can You Spot?

Just how many movie scenes can you name that start with the actor or actress opening the fridge door and having a good look around while we see them head on?

One, three, eight, none? Get them ready in your head and think of as many as possible and then watch this video to realise that there are way more than you ever imagined.

The video, shot by Roman Holiday, compiles no less than 26 different scenes in which actors poke their heads into varying styles of fridge.

From one that opens a whole window to a new dimension - Ghost Busters - to the most suspicious look in the fridge ever by Denzel Washington.

Take a look, how many have you seen before and are they missing any important ones? Let us know on Facebook.

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