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Move Over Cronut, The Sushi Donut Has Arrived

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Move Over Cronut, The Sushi Donut Has Arrived
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Craving sushi? Then have a donut! Sounds counterintuitive but that's just what the Japanese donut chain Mister Donut is promoting.

Sushi donuts are to Japan what cronuts are to Americans: the latest craze in desserts. While we've become obsessed with cronut recipes,  people in Japan and Thailand have been munching on sushi donuts.

What may seem as a funky combination actually works in that particular market. Sushi donuts have sushi's eye appeal but taste sweet, just like a real donut. Perhaps once they reach America they'll give cronuts a run for their money. 

Watch this fun advertisement from Mister Donut to see what sushi donuts are all about.

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