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WATCH: Molten Lava Sears Steaks in Seconds

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WATCH: Molten Lava Sears Steaks in Seconds
Photo sam bompas / bompas & parr

Ever feel that your grill doesn't get hot enough? Here's an idea: why not use molten lava to sear your steaks? It's an outrageous concept put into practice by London-based creative collaborative Bompas & Parr.

In their latest wild experiment, the mad scientists/foodies/entertainers created an epic barbecue experience by searing 10 oz. ribeyes with molten lava. They staged an artificial volcano and used 2,100°F molten hot liquid to flash cook the steaks and veggies.

Bompass & Parr are known for their offbeat creations, from fireworks you can taste to jelly that comes alive so it's no surprise the duo chose to play with fire. They relied on the help of Syracuse University professor Robert Wysocki, who specializes in creating man-made lava. 

Here's a five-minute video depicting the whole experience. Kids, please don't try this at home!

Via Design Boom

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