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Strange Fruits

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Strange Fruits

German photographer Enrico Becker and friend Matt Harris have been having fun shooting a new series of surreal photos for upcoming Ligature Journal.

Entitled GMF Fruits the series of still life photos captures real looking fruits in unreal pastel and metallic monochromes hinting at their modified properties. 

"Our idea was to challenge preconceptions of GMO’s and have a fun look into what Genetically Modified Food could look like" explains Becker.

Blue pineapples, citrus fruit and sweetcorn, silver clad mangoes and pink bananas are just some of the unusual coloured fruits captured on camera. On closer inspection each perfect piece of fruit is also stamped with a bar code in reference to the commodification of food.

Cast your eyes down some of the stunning images below, What do you think? Do they look good enough to eat? Could pink bananas capture the imagination of a hungry consumer market regardless of their hard hitting credentials?

Via Fuzbiz

All images courtesy of Enrico Becker and Matt Harris

Have you been eating bananas right all these years? What better teacher than a monkey to show the most poetic way to eat a banana.

These days not all fruit has to be beautiful, many countries are making a bid to think about ugly fruit too.

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