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Introducing Modernist Cuisine's Gravitational Bowl Inspired by the Cosmos

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Introducing Modernist Cuisine's Gravitational Bowl Inspired by the Cosmos

The dish (pictured above) might look like a super stylish soup bowl befitting of a top end restaurant, but on closer inspection there are far greater forces at work lurking beneath those vibrant swirls of soup. Namely the cosmos.

Designed by Modernist Cuisine this is the much talked about 'gravitational wave bowl' and brainchild of Chef Nathan who took inspiration from the general theory of relativity when he invented it back in 2014.

 The team were so excited by this week's major scientific breakthrough on gravitational waves that they have taken the chance to reflect on the genius and practical realisation of their 'other worldly' bowl that Einstein would be proud of. 

"It’s no wonder Nathan found inspiration in the cosmos yet again. When he thought about colliding black holes in the spring of 2014, he didn’t just see gravitational waves—he also saw an otherworldly bowl that would make two soups spiral around one another" Modernist Cuisine report.

To design the bowl, Nathan used "Wolfram’s Mathematica to create a mathematical model that mimicked the gravitational waves of orbiting black holes just before they merge."

Just goes to show culinary creativity can come from anywhere, Modernist Cuisine remind us, even from outer space.

Have a look the intricate production process of the bowl below. Head to Modernist Cuisine for the detail.

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