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Cocktail Mania Demonstrated in a Neat Video

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Cocktail Mania Demonstrated in a Neat Video

If surreal cocktails or all singing all dancing digital cocktail making devices weren't enough, along comes a video that demonstrates the magnitude of the cocktail craze.

Whilst the trend for mixology seems to have taken a hold in bar culture does it really justify a half an hour wait for a spritz in a bar that's comparable to your local boozer? And that's not to mention price, where a cocktail ends up costing as much as a bottle of wine.

This is where bartenders André Sousa and Federico Capalbo, teachers at the European Bartender School in Barcelona, step in with their amusing video reflecting on the evolution of the cocktail craze. There's no dialogue, just a simple demonstration of the difference in cocktail techniques that has evolved between mixing up a straight forward Gin & Tonic in 2005 compared to the complex notes of 2015.

The two bartenders show how the preparation of the seemingly simple cocktail of gin and tonic has been adopted into the cocktail craze in a decade. Where once a gin and tonic was ready in a jiffy, the expertise and preparation now involved is an exercise in endurance.

Have fun with this amusing video which gives some perspective on cocktail culture and brace yourself next time you order a G&T:

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