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Facemook: The Social Network for Cows

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Facemook: The Social Network for Cows

Scientists at the University of Exeter have developed a social network for cows in an attempt to make cows happier and in turn produce more milk.

It's a well known fact that happy cows produce better and more milk and the study aims to work on the social dynamic of the herd in hope of better understanding what makes cows happy.

Co Exist reports that the Orway Porch Farm in the UK will be one of the testing grounds - with cows fitted with collars that collect data on how the cows interact with each other.

The whole idea is to identify what kind social interaction works best and then use the data to try and increase this behavior in cows.

It's a unique idea and one that could well produce happier cows and tastier milk - who knows - if the cows really take to their new social network - the world may find itself looking at the next Mark Zuckerburger.



Via Co Exist

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