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Military Food Plated with Michelin Precision

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Military Food Plated with Michelin Precision

A group of artists is reimaging military rations, by plating them to look like Michelin-starred meals.

Food artist and photographer Henry Hargreaves, videographer Jimmy Pham and chef Chuck George are the men behind MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), a project designed to highlight the poor quality of military food – the latter actually grew up sampling MREs brought home by his serviceman father.

They take rations from the world’s militaries, including pig’s brains from Russia and vegetable taco pasta from the USA, and as you can see from the behind the scenes video at the bottom of the page, plate it with the precision and poise you’d find in a Michelin-starred kitchen.

“We wanted to reimagine the meals and plate in a manner of a Michelin-starred meal. In essence, taking the worst food, provided to the bravest people and visually elevate it as if it were being served in one of the world’s most revered restaurants," they say.

Take a look at some of the dishes below. Some of them even look inviting, until you realise what they are.

All images: Henry Hargreaves

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