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A Spaghetti Gun and Other Funky Food Art

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A Spaghetti Gun and Other Funky Food Art

A spaghetti gun, a chocolate-covered granade, pickles as batteries...these are just some of the bizarre food combinations German artist Martin Roller has concocted.

Roller's playful images even feature the perfect solution to a gluten-free burger: a meat patty and fixings layered between apple slices. It's all part of a mission to present food in unexpected ways.

"In my works I give the food a new, unfamiliar face for the viewer to perceive and experience," Roller explains.  Below you'll find some of the artist's funky food art but swing by his website to see more.

Like what you see? You may also enjoy the junk fruit food art by Arnaud Deroudilhe.

Via Foodiggity | Martin Roller

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