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Watch A Margarita Be Made in Space

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Watch A Margarita Be Made in Space
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

Some people prefer their margaritas on the rocks or frozen. Those who really like to think outside of the box may prefer the most recent incarnation of the famous cocktail: a margarita made in space.

It sounds incredible but it's true, margaritas made in space are a thing now. At least thanks to the team at Jose Cuervo who recently launched the first ever margarita into space. 

This video from the company shows how the feat was achieved. All of the ingredients were put into a cocktail shaker attached to a capsule. The contraption was launched into outer space where ultraviolet and cosmic rays, along with a ''Martian-like environment," helped mix it to perfection. The cocktail then made its way back to Earth.

So what does a margarita made in space taste like? We're not sure since no one is seen drinking it but Dr. Peter Smith, professor emeritus of the University of Arizona’s Department of Planetary Sciences, does a good job narrating the whole process.

Take a look below and if you're still hungry for out-of-this-world cuisine check out these burger and fries sent to outer space and the whiskey that was in orbit for three years.

Via The Daily Meal

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