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This Ice Cream Changes Color When You Lick It

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This Ice Cream Changes Color When You Lick It
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Ice cream has hit a new frontier thanks to Manuel Linares, a Spanish scientist who has developed an ice cream that changes color when you lick it.

His lavender blue ice cream is served on a cone and is spritzed with a "love elixir" after being scooped. The fruity ice cream turns from baby blue to pink and eventually purple. The frozen treat is made with all-natural ingredients and is currently being served at Linares' ice cream shop in his hometown of Blanes.  

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Linares, a longtime ice cream aficionado and physicist by trade, recruited two buddies to work on his secret project. It took them only a week to come up with an ice cream he now calls ''Xamaleón.'' The ice cream changes color due to different temperature changes and varying acidities found in the human mouth, IFLScience reports.

The scientist won't reveal the magic behind the color-changing ice cream and has a patent pending for this creation. His future plans include developing an ice cream that reacts to UV lights in nightclubs and an aphrodisiac version called Xamán which is made with medicinal plants.

Via IFLScience | Phys.Org

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