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Man Tips Waitress $500 as His Dying Wish

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Man Tips Waitress $500 as His Dying Wish

An American man's dying wish was to leave a $500 tip for a pizza waiter or waitress.

When Aaron Collins died last week one of his wishes was that his his family should "leave an awesome tip (and I don't mean 25%. I mean $500) for a waiter or waitress." A massively generous act and one that has now gone viral.

Through donating the tip and setting up the website the family have recieved around $28,000 in donations and they have pledged to continue donating $500 to waiters and waitresses as long as their is money in the bank.

The video of Aaron's brother shows the reaction of the waitress and it's not until then that you actually realize how much of a kind gesture this is.


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