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The Man Who Fries Chicken with His Bare Hands

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The Man Who Fries Chicken with His Bare Hands

There's nothing more dangerous than hot oil frying in the kitchen - it's the cause of numerous fires and responsible for many kitchen burns. Most people know to stay well away from frying oil but this roadside chicken vendor from Thailand breaks all the rules.

That's because since he was just seven-years-old Kann Trichan, AKA Superhands, has been able to touch hot oil without even a flinch. He's able to scoop the meat straight from the hot frying oil with absolutely no visible pain or scars to his hands.

He says he discovered his hidden talent after he was accidently splashed by hot oil and he's been using it to the best of his ability ever since.

It's a little cringe worthy to watch and seems like a sort of X-Man style mutation that we're sure many chefs would love to have. Of course we don't recommend trying this at home. 

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