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The Secret Lives of Fruit and Vegetables

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The Secret Lives of Fruit and Vegetables

Polish born and New York raised photographer Maciek Jasik is no stranger to the spotlight having been picked up in numerous publications including the New York Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek to name but a few.

Most commonly recognised for his portraiture work with an ethereal quality Jasik has steered away from people in this new venture delving into the world of fruit and vegetables in a series of photographs entitled ‘The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables’.

Pineapples, melons, apples, red peppers, and more, spill coloured smoke from inside their skin which has been punctured and perforated. The red pepper sits comfortably surrounded by a bed of pink smoke while the poor melon looks like it is weeping or seeping smoke like liquid from two holes, and the aubergine has smoke coming out of its ears.

The series caught our eye for managing that fine balance between the beautiful and the bizarre, and in any case it certainly sheds new light on fruit and vegetables.

It seems that this is just what the young photographer is aiming for when Jasik says that he hopes to “reach a balance between aesthetic, emotional, subtextual, and more mysterious concerns” through his work.

Check out some of his thought provoking images below:

Via Gestalten

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