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Maasai Men Steal Dinner from a Pack of Hungry Lions

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Maasai Men Steal Dinner from a Pack of Hungry Lions

The difference in eating cultures around the world is immense but the difference that’s shown in the video below is one that’s surely going to shock you.

While most of us this evening will pop to the local shop on the way home if we fancy cooking a recipe with meat, the Maasai men shown in the video below have to take a completely different and much more dangerous approach.

The clip is from a BBC documentary which looks at the lives of the Maasai people in Southern Kenya, Africa, as they go about their daily routines, one of which involves stealing food from lions.

That’s right, rather than head out and hunt their own animal, the men in the video have worked out how to literally steal food from a pack of hungry lions.

The video is tense from start to finish as just three Maasai men approach a pack of 15 lions feating on a freshly caught wildebeest.

Apparently it’s all in the swag and confidence of the approach, with the men’s brazen stroll confusing the lions just long enough for them to steal a healthy junk of meat. Meat which they latter set about cooking on an open fire while they joke about how they just pick pocketed one of the world’s scariest animals.


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